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HUGE HUGE problem with Android Autoplay/spotify.

HUGE HUGE problem with Android Autoplay/spotify.

Ok so i recently got a 2018 civic and started using android autoplay.  I like it so far but there is one huge huge annoying **bleep** problem with spotify... I might sound a little upset so sorry in advance.. ok...  Literally its annoying as **bleep**. its like the dumbest problem to have but here goes. So basically, when i play a playlist which has like 300 songs it automatically starts to play the first song. Ok thats fine.  The problem is that the song that i want to listen to is like 60ths or 120th song. The songs in the playlist are in a certain order so if i can just give the voice cammand to play that song and then continue on then fine whatever ill accept it. But if you ask for a specific song it plays that song as a separate playlist. Meaning that it will just have the song on repeat cuz it pull you out of your own playlist to search up and play that song. There is no way to scroll down a playlist either.  Which is sooo dam dumb. Like the whole dam point of this is to play MY music and not random stuff that spotify decides to play. The facts that it does not let you quickly scroll or even search up a specific sogn within a playlist defeats the purpose of having Android autoplay in the first place cuz i will just use the dam bluebooth. Its better to just use regular bluetooth at this point cause i can just scroll quickly and get to a song all the way  down in my playlist. I understand you dont want someont to scroll while the car is driving... FINe then freaking atleast have the dam option to ask for the artist/song  within the playlist as a voice cammand. I should be able to just say. "hey google, open spotify playlist--> Awesome playlist--> play Run me dry".... and it goes to that song in that playlist. So that when i hit "next" i know what song is gonna come up because its my personal playlist. Have the option to play a song or an artist within a specific playlist and allow me to navigate via my voice in the same playlist. 

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