Halp, cant log in


Halp, cant log in

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2 weeks ago

I was charging my phone earlier and i unplugged it to move it and even though it had battery it shut off as soon as i unplugged it. Whenni turned it back on it had logged me out. Now trying to log back in it says that im not online and when i hit connect nothing happens. I have service and i have logged on to wifi and that didnot work. Inwas in offline mode when it shut down and i think it still is but i cant change it back to online because i cant log in. What else can i do? I have restarted my phone as well.

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Re: Halp, cant log in

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2 weeks ago

Hey @nickelscharm! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.

Have you tried reinstalling your app? If not here's a step by step tutorial.

Let me know how it goes! ^^


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