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Hans Zimmer Issue

Hans Zimmer Issue

I've added a few Hans Zimmer songs to my playlists over time - potc, instersteller and spirit just to name a few.


Over the last few days, I can't play anything on my playlist or from the artist selection. It just refuses to play and I get an error message when I try and add a song to a queue. 


I've uninstalled the app but that didn't help at all. I really love listening to his scores and it's becoming an issue for me. Anyone got any ideas? I don't think it's a copyright issue as nobody else has stated this online so I'm really stuck.

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It may be that those tracks are no longer available on Spotify. Are they greyed-out in the playlist? Do you get an error message when you try to play one of them? Publishers are constantly adding and removing content and you might be able to find alternative versions which will play.

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