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Have a new Premium subscription but changed phones/new phone won't allow me to log in

Have a new Premium subscription but changed phones/new phone won't allow me to log in

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Hi there @Railmann1, I'm sorry you're having this issue, are you submitting correct credentials? Have you tried resetting your password? This may help.

Let me give some background.  I signed up 3 weeks ago for the premium trial to see if I liked it. We went on vacation and flying was involved so a perfect time to test the premium, right?

I got home from vacation and a few days later my phone was destroyed (not by my choice obviously).  So i got another phone like the original phone. I downloaded the spotify app.  I went to login to my premium account to grab my playlists and that is where this issue is coming up.  I can access my account info but it says i am not a premium member (not sure how that works as you don't need to have the account to set up the free script).  I went in and changed my password but still could not get to the premium site.  

This causes me some consternation as I am nearing my 1st month's end and don't want to be charged for something I cannot take advantage of.  Its a dilemna. HELP!

It's possible you created a new account but the fix should be easy. Find the spotify email receipt from 3 weeks ago and check the username on it. That is the username you should use to log in. If it is a 10 digit number, you should use the "log in with facebook" option.

I found the original email and the user name is the one I had used.  I guess at this time I would like to figure out how to make sure the original premium was cancelled and I would just start over with this new phone/my laptop/etc.  


Thoughts on that?  If it does not recognize my sign on as a premium customer, then i can't access things to cancel that subscription, correct?

You can check your subscription status here.

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