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Volume Issue with Shared Playlist

Volume Issue with Shared Playlist

In the Android latest Android version and latest Spotify version, I noticed a bug today. When playing my friend's shared playlist, the volume was lower than when I was playing my own playlist. My friend had the free version, whereas I have the paid version. The workaround was to increase the volume obviously. Is this a known bug? Is there a music quality difference when playing a shared playlist? I imagine with the free version, my friend gets a lower sound quality. Even so, if I play the playlist, then the sound quality should be at the highest quality. If I add songs from my friends playlist into my own, and play it from my own playlist, then sound volume is at normal level. The problem only occurs when playing from the shared playlist. Please advise. Thank you.
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Hey @SomeUser1234, weird! Here's some troubleshooting tips for Android users when experiencing volume issues:


Might want to try a reinstall if you're still encountering this issue. Keep us posted!


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