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Spotify becoming more strict?

Spotify becoming more strict?

So usually what I do when it comes to streaming spotify for free is that I will put a song in a play list by itself so when I click shuffle on that play list it usually plays that song straight away but now for some reason when I do that now it will still play some random **bleep** song that I don't want to listen to, whatever you try to do to play the song you want it will play a different song. I'm already watching adverts for spotify what more do you want, I get it you want me to buyou premium but I'm not doing that, if I can't play the music I want even when I'm watching adverts then I question whether I want to be using spotify anymore and go to deezer or something.
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You can't listen to a single song like that on Spotify mobile anymore. On the desktop or web player you can listen to any song with one click

But why have they done that? Most of their audience is on mobile so why do it, if anything it will deter people from using their service

I've experienced this for at least a year. They want users to buy Premium, without thinking about users pulling away from Spotify. That's about it.

Well the way I see it its just pushing me away and it's making me more inclined to use other services

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