Artists and Playlists not functioning normally on my Samsung


Artists and Playlists not functioning normally on my Samsung

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Hi friends!


So I'll start by saying I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.. ancient but still working great aside from Spotify.


 A few issues:


I pay for premium and have access to my songs when I am offline. When I am offline, I only have acess to songs through the tab "songs" and "playlists". When I go to artists it says I have to get online to see them. THEN when I search a specific artist in the search bar, it finds all the songs I dowloaded from then and I CAN play them offline. but cannot access them how I used to- throught Artists. Finally, When i AM online, I can see all my downloaded artists but when I click on them, it takes me to their online page and NOT my downloaded songs from them.


Second, I cannot delete songs off my playlists. I have a bunch of playlists that I made - not dowloaded ones from other users and such. Normally I was able to remove them as I please. Now it acts like a downloaded playlist and I cannot remove any of the songs I add to them


I have my music stored on my SD card. Maybe that has something to do with it...?




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Hey @lioralon21


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. 


We want to have all the necessary information, so we can help. Can you let us know what Spotify version you're rocking? Also, are you trying to search for the Artists with no internet connection at all? 


In regards of your playlists, are you able to delete them from a different device? 


Once we have this information, we'll see what we can suggest 🙂



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Hi thanks for the reply!

I have the latest version available for download on my android.

I am trying to view the downloaded songs from each artist without internet connection. I was able to do this in the past. I can view them under each album but not under artists. Is that clear enough? When I am not connected I click on artists and the names of the ones I have songs downloaded from come up but once I click on an individual artists it says I need internet. However if I go to albums and click on one I can see the songs I have in the album.

I don't have another device to see if I can delete songs off my playlists successfuly.

Thanks again!