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Chromecast audio not in normalize volume mode

Chromecast audio not in normalize volume mode

Hi guys
I have some trouble when I conect chromecast audio to avr to playing music
I found Spotify not in normalize volume mode ,and I can't change this setting on my phone,is somebody has the same trouble?

English is not my mother language,hope you can understand what I'm saying
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What type of chromecast that are you using? Is this problem happens only with spotify? You should try to increase the volume of TV or monitor that using chromecast.

It happens to me once, what I do is pair-unpair the chromecast.

Hi ! Arnold_Saputra

Thanks for your apply,but I don't really know your "type of chromecast" means what ?

(my english is not well,is that means updated version? )

I'm using chromecast "audio" ,as far as I know,there is only one type of chromecast audio.


yes,this situation only happens on spotify
especilally when I play different language songs,like chinese songs is in low voice but english songs is in loudly voice, but this situation won't happen when I use headphone.


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