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Help Me, Please?

Help Me, Please?

I just paid for Spotify Premium, and I'm happy that there's no ads and I can skip as much as I want, but I live in the middle of nowhere, so I want to listen offline. In order to do that, I have to download the music to my phone. Three times a week, for four and a half hours, I'm at dialysis, and I stay connected to the WiFi, so that I can download music quicker. For the first time ever, my phone space was low, so I invested in a 32GB SD card. I thought I was getting a helpful tip on how to save music to the SD card by researching it in the Solutions section, but I did what it prompted to do, and there was no Storage selection in Settings, like it said. Also, all of the songs that were downloaded on Wednesday are being re-downloaded. I can't download at home, because it uses my data and goes very slow, due to my location. My question is, how do I download everything to my SD card and how do I get it to stop re-downloading songs? Also, are the songs that I downloaded, that are also re-downloading at the moment, still playable offline? I mean, the main reason I paid for Premium is so I could listen to my music offline. I've been very disappointed so far.
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The storage selection should be at the very bottom of the settings screen.

Normally if Playlists are being re-download the issue is with the sd card. Try popping it into a pc and running chkdsk on it

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