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Home page layout changed


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My home screen layout has changed completely. It is now only showing one album or podcast per category, and it doesn't show recently played at the top. Is there any way to switch it back? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as installing previous versions but nothing has worked. I also emailed customer service but they could not fix it.

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Hey @ewg9312312 


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community to post your feedback.


I do not have this UI in my mobile app so it appears that this is a test.


You can read more info about Spotify feature testing and why something new might show up here in this help article:


Why has the app changed? 

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Hi, the exact same has happened to me. The home page is different and i dont have the scroll across option anymore. did you end up fixing this?


Hi @TerryKayne


Thanks for getting in touch about this.


We’re always testing possible improvements and new features, so you might see something on the app that other users don't, or get a brand-new feature for only a temporary period.


You can obtain more info about this in the link @MattSuda sent previously.


We really value your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward, and we'll be sure to pass this on to the right folks here at Spotify.


If you need help with anything else, just let us know. 



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Hi Eni

Unfortunately I now have this issue on a Galaxy Note 9 with version The link posted does not address how to correct the issue. This has made the home page unusable. How can this be corrected?


Thank you 




I have the same stupid problem, woke up, opened Spotify and was like what the actual f***?! It makes no sense why they would think this was a good idea! I really hope this is just temporary and that we'll have the old UI back next week, cause this really sucks! 



The same problem appeared on my phone just a few days ago. The answer you are referring to, only leads me back to the article that I started out with when searching for an answer full stop the article let me here, so now I'm full circle but no closer to finding out how to solve the issue. Seeing as it has been a few weeks since your initial reply, I was wondering if you know anything more about how to solve this problem now? 




Hey folks,


Thanks for your messages. 


We’re aware of an Ongoing Issue causing the behavior that you describe. Rest assured that the team in charge is currently looking into it.


In this case, we’d recommend adding your +VOTE to this Ongoing Issue. You can also subscribe to it by clicking the three-dot menu next to the title and we’ll keep you updated with any relevant updates there.


The Community will be here if anything else comes up. 

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Thanks for getting back to me!

I must admit I am not impressed with Spotify here. The initial post was made a while back, and the problem occurred on my phone just last week. If they're working on it, they're not doing a great job atm. Do you know if there's a customer service or something that I can get in touch with to get help? After all, I am paying for the subscription. 



Hi there @Stéphanie and @ylvavel,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


In this case we suggest that you head over to the ongoing issue that @Novy provided and leave the information that's being requested in there. You can also leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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Hi @jeremy,
My comment was a reply to @Novy, so yes I have read it. Still waiting for a reply/solution.

Will contact customer support. Fingers crossed they are able to help!

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