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How can I STOP Spotify from automatically playing over Bluetooth?

How can I STOP Spotify from automatically playing over Bluetooth?

I have tried Force Stopping the Spotify app, end even that doesn't stop it. Any time I turn the volume up in my car while Bluetooth is connected (say for a call or to listen to a different app), Spotify starts playing! The only way I can stop it from playing automatically is to uninstall Spotify.
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It is likely that the settings on your Spotify account are set to show content that is popular in China. This could be because of your location, device settings, or previous listening history. To change this, you can go to your account settings and adjust your preferences to show more diverse content from different regions, including Canada and the USA.

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Just to confirm, is this happening only when your device is connected to your car? If yes, we think this is caused by the device's OS and how it handles Bluetooth connections. 


If your mobile device has Android as OS, Android Auto has a feature Automatically resume media which users can toggle off in order to prevent this upon connecting to the car with Bluetooth. 


We're not sure if iOS has it as well, but if your device has that OS, it's worth checking the CarPlay settings, as well as the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone to see if you'd be able to find something similar. We also managed to find this iOS user who shares their workaround for this, so feel free check out their post here and test (if needed) the steps yourself.

We hope you found this helpful. Let us know if you need anything else. 

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