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How can I get back autoplay from search results?

How can I get back autoplay from search results?

Some time ago, when I searched for a song, and then played one from results, when it ended next song from search results played.

This was great for comparing covers, for example.

Now, since at least a month, playback stops after first song.

How can I make it treat search results as any other playlist and have it continue playback?


I'm on Spotify on Android 10.

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Hey there @depesz


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.

Sounds like you need to enable the Autoplay feature in the app. When you reach the end of an album, playlist, or selection of tracks, Spotify will automatically play similar songs so the music never stops. This also applies to any song you play from the search results.


Check out this help page to get more info on activating Autoplay


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

Well, but I don't want autoplay on playlists/albums.


Always found it irritating that my album ends, and then spotify "knows" what I want to listen next.


On the other hand - when I search for something, and see a screen of songs, click one of them, I expect next one to play when the first one finishes. I did search for it, so why doesn't it play?

Hi Ivan


the solution provided by you doesn't work.

Hey @11136465555,

Thanks for the reply.


Can you try running a clean reinstall of the app. This will clear all app data and ensure you're running the latest version.


If that doesn't change anything, try logging in with a different account on your device, to check if this is an account related issue.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Hey Alex,
no, the problem is that after the autoplay is allowed, the next song won't play, however the algorithm picks another song not from the search results. I tried it both on Android app and browser version.

Hey @11136465555,


Thanks for the reply and the clarification.


In general the Autoplay function will not play the next song that appears in the search result, but rather a random song from a list generated based on your listening habits.


Essentially Autoplay starts a Song Radio, and different users would get a different song recommendation even if they see the same search results.


What you can do is - add the songs you see in the search result to your Queue. This way you'll be able to hear them one after the other and decide which version you like. That's what I do most of the time.


Hope this makes sense. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions. 

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Spotify has a record of bad design changes but this one really takes the cake. The old Spotify would just play all the songs in the search results but now it just plays a random song you didn't even ask for instead.


Changes like this are extremely frustrating and make me not want to pay for the service, unfortunately I am stuck with a family subscription... With every new update (the desktop app especially) it just gets worse and worse.


Seeing how it's highly unlikely they'll ever go back to the old behavior (developers rarely like to admit their mistakes) I went back to an older version of Spotify, it takes some effort to do but at least it's still possible.

The autoplay feature is the best change are you high? Who in their right mind wants to play completely random songs with the similar name? It wouldn't even be the same genre. Having similar songs play was the better option.

Yes, very frustrating! Each time I search for a song, I want to listen to all the different versions, not other random song!


Any news from Spotify to improve this to autoplay all the search results?

Pathetic, ridiculous feature.


Me: I search for an artist and want to play all songs in the result list one by one. the only thing i have to do is play the song from the result list that i want to start from.


Spotify: nope, doesn't sound like a cool feature to have; instead "we" will play what "we" think you will like; doesn't matter that you are paying for the (garbage) service.


I seriously regret buying a yearly family subscription. Such a shame Spotify.

Before update: I searched for a artist, clicked on the most poplular #1 song then it would play popular songs in order:  #2, #3, #4, #5. 


After update, if i click #1 song, next song, it plays some stupid random song next… Annoying.

I love listening to covers of songs.  So, when I search for a song, the number one result is usually the original (or in some cases a famous cover).  But I want to hear all the songs with that title.  Older version of spotify would do play the search results, one after the other... I loved that.  Newer versions, no longer do this.  I hate that I have lost a much-loved function.


As a jazz musician, I loved that Spotify was playing all tracks from research.

The new Spotify, stopping after only one play of one track, is a pain for me.


Why not adding the option to choose the behavior of the app ?

that works thanks man 

how do you select multiple songs and add to queue?

Hi @rjtvipul333,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


You can select multiple songs by clicking on them while having the "CTRL/Control" pressed (Windows) or (Mac). Afterwards, just use the right click and select the option (add to queue). 


We hope you find this info useful. 

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"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." -Henry Thoreau

Unfortunately that is not a solution to this poor design choice by Spotify. It's a mediocre workaround to a problem that shouldn't even exist.

It's sad, I had proposed an idea about this, but too few people voted for it, so Spotify closed it.  Maybe someone else could propose it again?

I'm just posting this as a workaround to autoplay from search result until spotify decided to do something about this.
While on the search result page, press Ctrl + A (this will select all songs in the search result page) then right click and "Add to queue"

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