How do I close Spotify app?

How do I close Spotify app?






Huawei P-Smart 2019

Operating System

Android Version 9


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This question has been marked as solved in a previous post but the answer only tells you how to log out. All I'd like to know how to close the Spotify app. At the moment it's constantly running on my phone, a permanent, annoying drain on my battery. If I delete it from my notifications it reappears. I just want it running like any normal app whereby you can open and close it when needed. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi there @droopywinter,


Thanks for posting!


Have you tried running a clean reinstall?  


If the issue persists, can you tell us if this is happening when you are streaming or downloading content? Do you have multiple apps on the background?


If you add some screenshots of usage it would be helpful. Just be careful they don't display any sensitive (private) info.


Can you also let us know your Spotify version? 


Keep us posted!

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