How do I disconnect my desktop and mobile app?


How do I disconnect my desktop and mobile app?

Music Fan

For some reason I can't seem to find what should be the simple option of not having my mobile phone show me what my spotify is playing on my desktop. Right now my mobile phone is constantly showing the spotify app on my lockscreen as if the music was playing on my phone even though the music is playing on my desktop and if I accidently bump the play button then the music on my desktop cuts off and starts blarring through my phone.


I'm also having a problem where I have some music playing on my desktop and leave to walk the dog and listen to some different music on my phone. When I get back and hit play on the desktop I find that the music there has switched and started playing what I was listening to on my phone.


I'm sure that these features are great for some people, but there really needs to be a simple way to turn this off. I have never once found these to be convienient, and have considered using one of my family spots on my account to create a seperate login for my phone. I shouldn't have to do that though, there should just be a simple toggle button to turn the "features" off.