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How do I install the previous version?

How do I install the previous version?

I'm running out of options to fix this problem, where, since the last update, the app has totally destabilized. Uninstalled several times with no luck. Running an 4.2.2 on a brand new S4, shouldn't be an issue. Only started happening after the upgrade at the end of the week.


Can someone advise exactly how to revert to the previous version of Spotify for Android? I saw on another thread that it could be done at but i'm not seeing the steps.



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Are you having the white screen issue still? 


Normally there is an older version you can install manually on the Spotify webiste:



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So i took the device off the wifi network after reinstalling it and without trying to do any downloading. It worked fine for several hours streaming only. Got back on the wifi network, device started mentioning the SD card, and now the app is frozen again. Whited out screens. I'm going to try going back an update per your link above.

Well that didn't work. Now I'm really getting frustrated. Not sure what to do now.

Try this (from the troubleshooting steps);

  1. On your device open (System) Settings and start Application Manager
  2. Look for Spotify and tap it
  3. Press "Clear data"
  4. If it's not greyed out, also press "Clear cache"
  5. Uninstall the Spotify app
  6. IMPORTANT: Completely turn off your device, then turn it back on again
  7. If you can remove the battery, do so now, then put it back in, then turn your device back on
  8. Using a file explorer app on your device, or your computer with your device connected over USB:
    Look for a folder called
    It's usually located in \Phone\Android\data\ (or in the folder you chose on your SD card when you started Spotify the first time)
    Delete the folder(s)
  9. Re-install Spotify

This has worked for me previously.

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