I only want spotify on my Android


I only want spotify on my Android


I am a new user of spotify, I signed up because I want access to my music but don't want five million devices. I also can't keep all my music on my computer (I have over 7,000 songs) and it takes up too much space and slows my computer down.


Here is my question, I don't want all my songs on my computer that isn't why I got spotify, I want them all (not just 3,333 or what, but ALL) on my phone. I also don't want to have to keep the music in my library on my computer. I have all of my music backed on an external harddrive so that I can keep my music, but my computer will still function without having 33 GB in use slowing it down. Everytime I delete all my music in my library on my laptop it takes not all but most of my music away from spotify on my laptop even though I created a playlist and moved all my local files there. What is even more frustrating is that I don't want access to all 7,000 or so songs on my laptop I want that access on my Andriod. So how do I do this. I bought this to avoid having to deal with multiple devices and spending 500 dollars on an iPod that won't delete all my music because it has a flash instead of a hard drive. If I can't do this then I am sorry it is not worth it. If I wanted to only have access to 3,333 songs of my own already paid for music I would have bought an iPod and never signed up for this. It is a better deal then everything else that I have looked at, but I need it to work. Again I don't want all my music available on my laptop, just my phone, and I want to be able to delete my iTunes library so I can continue to use my computer.

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Re: I only want spotify on my Android

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Based on what you're looking for, Spotify probably isn't the best service for you, as it can't do what you're looking for.  I believe Google all access can do what you want though.