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How do I move my music to a new device

How do I move my music to a new device

I got a new phone and want to transfer all my music but I can't figure it out... help please!!!
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Unfortunately you cannot move any files you have downloaded to a new device. Each time spotify is installed it creates an encryption key unique to that install, so the new device install will have a different key than the old and therefore will not be able to read the existing cache.

Things like your library, saved artists,saved albums etc are recorded on the server so they will still appear, however you will need to re-download any tracks previously marked for offline listening

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Well that is very unfortunate and time consuming.L

Exactly.  It is time consuming.  Can you then give us a 'Previously Downloaded' filter to find them all?


I have the same phone number but a new phone. How do I transfer my music?

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