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How do I store songs on my SD-card?

How do I store songs on my SD-card?

Why does it have to be so FµCKING difficult to just put an option on the app so that I can chose where to install my music? I have a 128 GB SD-card, Galaxy S5.

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with my Note 2 i have see the same problem today....

with this step i have solved my situation:

1. i have erased all data from the app...

2. From Setting  --> i have delete all data + cache

3. Uninstalled the app from settings

4. reboot telephone

5. reinstalled Spotify Music

6. Offline work on SDCard


I remind this:

My phone are Rooted with 4.4.2 (leaked Stock) and i have modded the system with SDFix to permit all app to write on SDCard.. without this... all app (spotify included) don't have the permission to write on ExternalMemory device.

I have tried that but it doesn't work. I have a non-rooted phone. Maybe I'll root and see if it works then.

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