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How to deactivate autoplay at the new home screen


How to deactivate autoplay at the new home screen

I got the new design of the spotify Android App and overall its okay, but it's annoying that the music or similar starts playing automatically on the home screen if you swipe through it. Is it possible to deactivate that?

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Hi there, it was the same for me in the past week and the yesterday's update ( reverted back to the much loved previous home screen. So there is hope for all and the pressure from the community definitely pays off! I'm turning off auto-update though, just in case... 

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I also would like to know how to disable that respective any annoying autoplaying stuff.

I value Spotify as a restful place where nothing pops up unrequested.

Saw this on my partners phone. Thats a horrible interface. Any way to turn it off and go back to the old one?

Up !

That sucks so much when playing random music when launching the app, especially when you're at the office...

How can developers can think that could be a great feature ?!!!

I would also like to turn off auto play. I’d also like to return to small thumbnails, not the huge ones that have appeared!

Yes please let us disable the new home screen autoplay!


Nine times out of ten I open Spotify on my phone so I can play music to help me focus.  This completely undermines that use case.  Immediately distracting me with unwanted music and visuals is so unhelpful!


I'm genuinely considering resubscribing to Apple Music because of this new design.

Agree. I've flamed the update in the Play Store. I'm not going to use the app with this POS UI.  An update came out today (for me) and no change.  Got a family sub and I've already had to break the news to the family that if this isn't updated in the next few weeks I'd be canceling (after 10 yrs) and looking for an alternative. Does me no good to keep paying and can't use it.

Android app - I'm seeing a little speaker button, upper-right of each card(?) with a suggested song in it. I tapped it, and it muted the song. Scrolling down, the rest were muted as well. We'll see when I restart the app, etc. With you on abandoning Spotify if this stays a problem; my first thought upon seeing this feature was, "Okay Prime, fine, let's see what you've got ..."

Absolutely atrocious for anyone who actually used the home screen for navigation. Not only are most of the shortcuts I used gone, but scrolling through all that useless nonsense I have no interest in is slow and worthless. This is worse than the update to the web app that took away functionality to mimic the mobile app.

100% adding the giant autoplay cards on the home screen was an awful, regressive change. Trying to find music when in the office (or just trying to focus) and having some loud random thing start playing is absolutely infuriating.


Look Spotify, I know that this whole-screen, scrollable autoplay **bleep** is the new fad in app design. I'm sure it's great for improving some metric or other related to user attention capure. IT IS THE WORST. It is disruptive, offensive to the ear, and outright hostile to the user. I am immensely disappointed in you for implementing such a thing.


Please, please, PLEASE give us a toggle to disable the autoplay, at least. Otherwise you've crippled the app and removed most of the reason I subscribe to Spotify instead of carrying around a beefy MP3 player.

If I already have canvas disabled why would I want a permanently enabled version on my home screen?

I hate this too

This is the worst. I'm going to cancel my subscription if this is not removed quickly.

Infuriating update. Just trying to pick some tunes to listen to and I have these giant ads for music I don't even like that I have to scroll past. And if I accidentally touch one it starts blasting the music out my phone speaker. I've been using this service for years, but if this isn't fixed immediately, I'm finding somewhere else. 

I'll be looking for a way to revert back. If I wanted to go on TikTok, I'd go on TikTok. This is the most frustrating UI update ever.

This is absolutely the WORST!!!!  Why on earth would someone want to repeat the old radio experience of scrolling through the dial listening to little bits of stuff that don't interest you at all, or actively irritate you?  Really hope the protests are loud enough to TURN OFF THIS DOWNGRADE!

I listen to spotify so I don't have random songs coming through my speakers....and now I do again. Lame update and I'm sure it improved discoverability but at least give users an option to disable it. 

Can confirm that this is terrible. Please provide a way to turn this off.

Cancelled premium and rated the app accordingly... So disappointed. Unless I can fix this via an old apk, I'm cancelling my subscription permanently, as this is the worst direction the app could head in...


The home UI was perfect as is. It offered many nuanced and insightful categories at a glance. Now reduced to a TikTok scroll feed of fullscreen "canvases" autoplaying "popular albums" ads. (Even if canvases are turned off in settings)


Now we have maybe 15% of home's former functionality?


No excuses, I'm not paying the same price for a worse product. Especially when their motivation for this change must be some weird engagement metric rather than idk, users actually listening to music?

Is there no way to turn this off? What a terrible idea. 

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