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How to delete songs from a playlist via play queue

How to delete songs from a playlist via play queue

OK this is really annoing me. I have read a couple of posts about this.. from 2013... apperently it was a good idea then but spotify never got around to it. How the hell do i delete a song from my playlist (stared playlist if that makes a difference) via the play queue?? Why cant I just hit the three little dots and have a remove from playlist option. instead i have to look through my entire playlist then delete it. this is super time consuming considering I have a ton of songs in there. Also I cant even do it that way on the PC. any help would be nice.

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Hey @user-removed! Welcome to the Spotify community!


I think the logic behind your complaint is that since you can add one song to multiple playlists, you can't simply add a remove from playlist button in the play queue. It would involve creating another drop down menu that displays all of the playlists the user currently has that song in. Something like that would take time to implement and the development of applications typically means there are features and fixes scheduled already.


If you would like to suggest this useful idea though, I recommend making a post in the idea submissions forum!

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On OS X (Mac Desktop) the drop down list of actions (like share) includes at the bottom "remove song from this playlist" which been requested for years for the iPhone. If Spotify is worried you might delete by mistake add a second "Yes delete?" response. (so double tap required)

Agreed, when trying to manange and update a large playlist you need to be able to delete a track directly during playback either from the now-playing window or the play-queue or even better both!! Deleting tracks needs to be as easy as adding tracks!


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