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How to disable automatic updates of offline playlists

How to disable automatic updates of offline playlists

Hi, I am connected via bluetooth (RSAP) and via WLAN to my Car (Skoda Superb). I need WLAN, because my car is using the sim card and my phone does not have a connection to the internet any more. 

Once I´m connected to the WLAN spot in my car, spotify is updating the offline playlists and is starting to download all the new songs. In this case, my data volume is wasted a lot and mostly exhausted in a few days. 


How can i stop that problem? 

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Hi @Blacksmith and welcome to the community!


I see your point and in your case this would definitely make sense, but right now there is no option to change that...



Spotify always wants to provide the best experience possible, so it always wants to keep your offline synced tracks up-to-date. You can only forbid Spotify to download when connected to cellular network. Since you are connected to wi-fi, Spotify keeps downloading it automatically because it thinks this won't cost you any extra, cause you are on wi-fi...


I hope you know what I mean and I could help you!

If you have any further questions - Let me know here by replying.


Keep It Up!


thanks for your answer. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully there is any way to disable it in the future. 

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