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How to listen to an album (UNshuffled) on Android ?

How to listen to an album (UNshuffled) on Android ?


I'm new to spotify, got a premium (family) account but I don't understand at all how this app works.

When I select an album, the only choice I have is "shuffle play" (which I hate, never use and even find disrepectful towards artists). If I "dive" into the album, I can add it to the playlist (if there's already something playing or I get "impossible to add to the playlist" ; that means 1) play some random song 2) add album to playlist 3) delete the random song). On the web player, I have a "Lecture" (play ?) button and no "Shuffle" button (good but why such an inconsistency ?).

Also, I don't understand why/how Spotify is adding things to my playlist (I guess this is the price to pay for a world with -stupid- AI everywhere).

I don't know how to completely empty my playlist without selecting every song one by one.

Are there alternative players on Android because this app is one of the most counterintuitive I've used ?

With the number of Digital Music Providers, I can't believe Spotify is still alive with such an unusable interface (and such bad UX) so I must be doing things wrong. Can someone point me to some documentation explaining those (very complicated) things on the android app :

* listen to a full album in a few clicks

* empty a playlist

Thanks in advance !


Using Spotify app (french) on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

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