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How to prevent Spotify from automatically adding songs to my playlist

How to prevent Spotify from automatically adding songs to my playlist







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I was trying to create a manual playlist today with a selection of Queen songs. I created a new playlist and searched for Queen, and added 1 song. Spotify added a whole bunch more songs that are "similar" to Queen, but none of them were by Queen. I had to manually delete maybe 30 songs from the list, but then when I added a second song, it added a whole bunch more unrelated songs. I don't want that to happen. I want the only songs in the playlist to be the ones I added manually, and nothing else. How do I prevent Spotify from doing this? I love Spotify's auto-generated "Your Daily Mix X" playlists, but when I create one manually, I don't want it to touch it.


On another note, which is probably related, Spotify doesn't seem to understand simple Google commands. E.g. while driving, if I feel like listening to something other than what's already playing, I'll say something like "hey Google, shuffle Willie Nelson on Spotify". And Google responds with "ok, asking Spotify to play Willie Nelson". And then Spotify will play one or two songs by Willie, and then go off on a complete tangent and play a whole bunch of stuff that isn't Willie, when really what it should be doing is going through its entire collection of Willie Nelson (only repeating songs once it's played them all) until I tell it to play something else. I get this same behaviour when I manually search for an artist (no voice commands) and tell it to shuffle.


Any thoughts on how I can prevent this?



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