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Htc m8 not opening error beta

Htc m8 not opening error beta

Htc m8 not opening error beta

12 Replies

Same here. Using a LG G5 running the 7.4 beta on Android Nougat. It just shows a black screen for a few seconds then pops up with 'Unfortunately Spotify has stopped' or 'Spotify keeps stopping'. Can't even get to the login screen. Tried wiping data/cache, restarting the phone, reinstalling the app. No luck.

Same crash on Galaxy S7 edge... How is it possible ? 

Wrong forum, please delete.

Wrong forum? I would've thought the Android help section was the right one. Where do you think it should go?

I was asking about deleting my post, though the whole topic should be here anyway:

I can't even access that link. It's a Spotify for Android section right? Sorta like the one this is in?

Not exactly, it's subforum for beta versions only.

Any idea why I can't access it? I'm in the beta.

No idea, I've joined beta program long ago when it was invite only.

Alright, thanks.

@d4niel_p is right. There is no support for the beta here I'm afraid. If you are in the beta programme, please post in the beta forum. If you aren't in the beta programme but still like to try out the beta versions, you're on your own.

the trouble is, i am in the beta progam. i just cant access the beta link that was posted 

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