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I can not fast forward - Android

I can not fast forward - Android






Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue


When listening to music I can't fast forward or backward the song. When reinstalling the app it works for quite some time (~2 weeks) before it stops working again. When this issue returns it's also buggy to skip songs while the phone is in locked modus. Music is playing but the phone shows music stopped in locked mode. Is this a known issue? I've found a few calls but nothing suited my problem. Thanks in advance.



3 Replies

Hi @LordFrex


Have you tried checking phone's RAM? Maybe you have so many apps on your phone in that way your phone gets laggy then when you use Spotify it becomes buggy.


Lemme know if my insight helps you.


Hello YahTehgz,
Thanks for your answer. The next time I'll have this problem I'll check my ram. It could make sense, I have quite a few apps but there are only a few open at a time.

And why would it stop after a few weeks and then doens't get better even when only Spotify is the only opened app?
Maybe there's a problem with my second hard drive? I've got a micro Sd in my phone.

Hi @LordFrex


Just keep on observing your gadgets. I used to have the same issue that you have. Thus, I remove some apps that I don't need it or I seldomly open it.


Just keep me posted for further updates.


Have a nice day!

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