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Spotify Stops Working For No Reason

Spotify Stops Working For No Reason







Asus Zenfone 2

Operating System

Android 5.0


My Question or Issue


It was working all fine until a couple days ago. Now the app just stops working after maybe 10 seconds or a minute. It changes. Also when I launch the app it doesn't show anything on the home screen saying there's an error. I have 4 gigabytes of RAM so it's not a ram problem. I tried deleting and reinstalling but it didn't work. How do we fix this? 


3 Replies

When the app stops working, what exactly happens? Does it force close or give you any kind of message? 

I kinda have a simular problem, it randomly stops playing for no reason, i have Premium and play downloaded albums and playlists. Both offline and online.

Randomly it will just stop and i just press play and it continious again.

I have reinstalled the app and cleared cache and restarted the phone.


Now this morning it started plaing in my pocket, i didn´t even had started Spotify yet 🙂


It suddenly crashes and a message appears saying "Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped."

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