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I closed app on my PC (didn't log off), Android stays silent

I closed app on my PC (didn't log off), Android stays silent

I am a fairly new subscriber to the Premium plan and enjoy Spotify in my car (bluetooth).  Today I was listening to Spotify on my PC, decided to go for a drive.  I shut down the PC app but did not log off.  When I got to the car it would run Spotify, seem to be playing back, but the audio did not come out.  Silent.  Tried restarting the Android app and then the phone, no joy.  I then went back into the house, re-ran the Spotify PC app and actively logged out.  Then when I went back to the car the music was once again streaming nicely.  Weird.  Is this normal?  


I would think that closing the PC app was sufficient evidence that I wasn't double streaming.  Apparently not -- need to be careful to actually log out or I won't have tunes in my car.



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There is an small icon on the Android APP (see attached file) where you can click and choose where do you want the music to be streamed. 




You can find more info here:

Thanks for the interesting info. I'm still seeing a bit of weirdness on my
phone - even after selecting "Play on this device" the audio is muted. I'm
continuing to experiment.

For now the only sure solution is to fully log out of all devices if I want
to play music on my phone.



Good luck.


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