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I don't have downloaded songs but they're taking up space anyway?!

I don't have downloaded songs but they're taking up space anyway?!

I keep clearing them out with CleanMaster but eventually I have like 1.2 gigs of downloaded songs when I don't actually HAVE any. In the picture there is less because I cleared it out recently, but I guess it'll just download them all again... imaginarily. This is weird lol. I know I USED to have premium and downloaded songs, could there be a miscalculation of some sort? Please show me how to remedy this. Thanks in advance! I'm running an HTC Desire 626s
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Spotify caches music you stream to avoid issues caused by network drop-outs and to save bandwidth when you play the same music in future. I suspect that Clean Master is incorrectly labelling this cache as "Downloaded songs". Have you tried their support?

You mean CleanMaster's support? I didn't think they had. If you mean Spotify's support, I thought this was it, lol.
But at any rate, a gig of music might as well be a gig of downloaded songs! That's way too much

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