I have no SD Card and it will not allow me to install

I have no SD Card and it will not allow me to install

I have a Mach Trio Stealth tablet and when I reinstalled Spotify it said it could not install because there was no SD Card. I have no SD Card and never have, yet I cannot install now. I have always had spotify on there but for some reason it wont allow me to install now. 

This is really aggravating. 

I have already seen the posts for re-install etc and I have tried. It continues to say there is no SD Card to store data and then goes blank. 



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How much free space does the device show and what version of android are you running?

Plenty of space as I just factory reset it. It is a 16GB tablet. It is android version 4.1. I had spotify on there since I have had it but after it malfunctioned and reset itself the first time, I was unable to load spotify for the aforementioned reasons. I can run every other app; Spotify is the only one requiring the SD card. Thanks for any insight!


Try uninstalling spotify one more time then use a file explorer and, if they exist, delete the folders below before redownloading spotify music from Play.


  1. \android\data\com.spotify.music
  2. \android\data\com.spotify.mobile.android.ui

thanks. Will try it tonight when I get home and get back to you. I appreciate the time.

No worries - let me know how it goes please.

The POS tablet does not have a file explorer feature, but a "file browser". There were no files in it at all that showed up.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I kept get the same SD Card error. Why if there is plenty of memory does it need my SD card?


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