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Remote control for Spotify within the App?

Remote control for Spotify within the App?



I often find myself in the following situation:


Spotify is running on some PC or Mac, which is connected to a sound-system (either the web-app or the desktop version). I want to remote control this instance on my Android/iOS App. Right now I have to use third party apps and programs to do this. This has many disadvantages: Some Apps don't work with the latest version, some only work for specific systems, I have to install an extra App AND program on the PC/Mac running Spotify, etc.


I imagine an extension of the "Connect" feature: The Button is always visible and if I click on it, it shows me a list of all running instances of Spotify on my account, sorted by recency. 


Is something like this planned for a future release?


BTW, your spellcheck doesnt know "Spotify" 

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Spotify Connect should make its way onto the desktop client which will make this possible within the Spotify application.

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Yes. I have just found about about Spoify Connect, spent five minutes trying to work out why I cant find my PC in the shared deviced, and found it doesnt work with the desktop device. Big disappointment.


Would very nice to be able to control my computer from the phone, and vice versa.


I have a hifi system downstairs that I often run from my phone, and a hifi system in my room I normally run from the computer, and it would be really awesome to be able to play music simultaneously from both, controled from either one end or the other.


Currently I get spotify premium at a discounted rate through my phone provider, but that feature would justify paying full price when I get to the end of thie phone contract.




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