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I'm not allowed to choose my own music?

I'm not allowed to choose my own music?

I dowloaded the app to my Huawei honor 8 lite. Not a premium member. Searched for a specific band to listen to a specific album. Hit shuffle (as there is no play-button), listened to a few minutes of commercial and got to hear one song from the album. Next song was something completley different. Looked at the queue and all of the music there are songs of bands I have no interest in listening to, nor have I added any of them. I can't mark to remove them either (the entire list is grey) and the album I wanted to hear was not there at all. I had not accidentally chosen radio either.

Closed the app, restarted it. Same thing. Uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, tried again. This time I didn't even get to hear a song from the selected band, after the commercial something I did not choose started to play.

So I went to my other devices, logged off Spotify from them, reinstalled it on my phone and the same thing.. Logged in on my computer and everything works fine and dandy there. I can choose my own playlist, add and remove from the queue, but on my phone bands are added without my consent and the specific thing I want to listen to are ignored while it works on my other devices. Why? Is it a way to course me to get premium?

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Additional restrictions apply on mobile phones. You can only shuffle play, spotify will add "similar songs" to whatever you are listening. Using a playlist containing a mix of artists might prevent suggested music being added but a premium subscription is the only guaranteed way to avoid this.

Okay. No need for me to scratch my head over this anymore then. Thanks for
fast reply 🙂

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