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I've had it with Spotify

I've had it with Spotify

I don't understand why Spotify is so terrible with customer service.  I've been waiting since December for them to give me an app that works on my tablet.  Spotify Cares seems to be the slowest and most clueless bunch I've ever had to deal with.  I've recently discovered Tidal, and not only does it work great on my tablet, it has better sound.  I'm giving Spotify until the beginning of next week to fix things, or I'm deleting my account, and making sure no one I know uses it either.  I've had to get in touch with the Better Business Bureau once over this, and I'm sick to death of paying for a service that doesn't work.  Oh, and Tidal has Prince and Neil Young, 2 of my favorites.

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Sorry to hear you've had a bumpy ride with Spotify!

Which tablet are you using, and what issues are you having with the Spotify App on that tablet?

Happy rocking, 

 - James

I have been over this again and again with Spotify Cares.  It's a problem with the app.  I'm really tired of typing this information.  I'm using a Nextbook.  It's VERY slow.  It takes 5 minutes or more to start up, then when it does start, it will be slow to load menus.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau today over this.  Six months with no resolution is far too long.

So you don't have a solution for me either, do you?  

Try a different tablet, preferably one with more than 1GB of RAM. The most common complaint about this tablet seems to concern how slowly it runs, especially if there are other apps running.

"It works fine for basic tasks like checking email, surfing the Web, and simple mobile games, as long as they're conducted one at a time. Any activity more than that and performance becomes sluggish, providing a stodgy Android experience. Easily overwhelmed, it slows down if multiple apps are open in the background and lags when switching from one app to another."

Are you going to buy me a new tablet to try it out on?  I don't run more than one app at a time.

I also have more than 1GB of RAM.

All current Nextbooks come with 1GB of RAM although they are about to launch a new model with 2GB. RAM is the memory area used to run your applications and should not be confused with the device memory which stores your data and applications. When you run an app, it loads into RAM where it is executed. If the RAM is full, android will start to swap stuff out of RAM into the device memory (which is significantly slower than RAM).


If you go to the android application manager, and swipe to the running processes, there may be apps taking up RAM which you don't need. Try stopping all unnecessary apps from this manager then see if Spotify launches any quicker.

I've done that several times.  Doesn't work.  I've had various problems with Spotify since December.  My main problem is the abysmal customer service Spotify gives.  If trying to fix this hadn't taken six months, I'd be a lot more forgiving.

EVERY other app works great all the time.  And I know what RAM is.

Hey there,


Apologies for the lack of a reply here.

Firstly, lets try a complete fresh install.


If that doesn't work, what version of Android and Spotify are you running?

(You can find out what version of Android you're running here.)

Also, does your device fit the Spotify System Requirements?


Finally, if all else hasn't helped you, how many playlists (and songs) have you got downloaded for offline listening? If your device has more than 500MB of space on it, but you're downloading lots of songs, this may slow Spotify down.



 - James


I have reinstalled at least a half dozen times, makes no difference.  I meet the requirements.  I've been over this with Spotify Cares 2 or 3 times.  I have 10 albums downloaded.  I'll see what happens when I delete them, but it was doing this before I downloaded them.

Deleted everything, didn't make any difference.

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