Shuffle function not properly working on android

Shuffle function not properly working on android



On the desktop version I can put all my playlists in a group and then shuffle through all the playlists.


On my phone however, I can only click on "all songs" within the group, or select a specific playlist. When I select shuffle afterwards clicking on a song in "all songs" it only includes the first (around 50-100) songs in my waiting list. In this case, they are all the songs starting with  0-9 and some of the songs starting with an A. 


Is there any workaround for this? I don't want to be only listening to the first percentage of all my songs. 

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It works fine for me. I think there's a limit of 100 tracks in the queue but as tracks finish, new tracks are appended to the queue. Are you a premium user? Maybe shuffle on free works differently.


I guess what you could do is create shuffled playlist of all your tracks in the desktop client and play this on android (as long as you are a premium user). It's a pretty tedious process described in this post. Note that when I tried it, trying to paste too many tracks into the desktop client caused it to close 😞

Thank you Joe,


I am a premium user. I will try the provided workaround:) Gonna let you know how it works out!

Good luck with that. I didn't test to see how many tracks crashed my desktop client but I'd guess 500 is the upper limit. Let me know how you get on 🙂

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