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IPhone to Android

IPhone to Android

I switched from iPhone to Android and noticed an insane amount of small features that make a big difference in the flow of the app. I was wondering if this is because of a good reason or just because iPhone costumers are more important? I love the service but the fact that they treat one OS better than another is a reason for me to take my business else where.
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Hi,  I believe the reason for this is that iPhone architecture is the same for all devices in the series. i.e. all iPhone 4's have the exact same HW spec so it is easy to build something that gives the user the same experience on all series of iphone devices. Android is more fragmented with different screen sizes, hardware, controls (software/hardware buttons) etc. 


This makes it harder to build an app which can work across all these different devices yet give the user the same experience. Also the iOS team & Android team are different departments so can work independantly of each other... although they do liaise with features. It's just one might get it first as that particular team worked on it first.


Hope this helps answer

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