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Not usable anymore on Xperia SP (C5303)

Not usable anymore on Xperia SP (C5303)



I'm experiencing few disadvantages of using Spotify on my Xperia SP (C5303) with Android v4.3. The problem appeared after certain update of the software (I don't remember which it was and I don't remember of the version of that app in the past few months).


List of problems so far:


- major problem: cannot play songs (the app is so laggy and it freezes nearly every time I'm using it; I tried to uninstall and wipe out all files connected with the app with no success)

- list of all playlist is loading for ages

- if I manage to enter one of my playlists then the list of songs in it is loading for another ages

- even the settings can load up to 5 mins

- if I manage somehow to enter a playlist and play songs, the bigger miniature of album cover is loading before the end of the song

- after listening the song mentioned above I'm waiting for 5-7 mins for the song to load and there are often pauses (1 sec of the song is played, I'm waiting for about 30-60 sec to load another tiny bit of the song)


Those above are the problems that I'm facing these days. I'm using wifi 6 mb/s connection, sometimes I'm using phone's 3G.

Just to finish I'm also pointing that I never had such problems over past few months (the problems started 2 or maybe 3 months ago).


I hope that those issues will help in further updates.

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