Improvements needed

Improvements needed

I'll try to keep this brief, but I have a few gripes with this service. I'll detail them below:


- Top rated. Sometimes I listen to music that I hear from Discover, and I save it. I don't keep track of this (yes I know playlists exist), it would be much easier to have star ratings so I can come back to them.

- Recently Played only includes songs you specifically searched for. There should be a dedicated "channel" on the library tab to that, not just when you search for. And include songs you didn't actually search for.

- What the heck are you doing with your current app? Unless you're laying off staff for "efficiency", there is absolutely no reason to move to the design your app is having right now. The only thing that has been keeping me here is discovery and the sorting of the library, and the latter of which has been pretty much beaten to the ground. At least with Google I can upload my own music without having to jump through 18 hurdles. I hope you'll take these complaints legitimate, but I know better. Who the heck cares about one, or hundreds, or thousands of customers have to say about how garbage your app is becoming. As long as the majority still subscribe, and the shareholders stay happy right? 


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