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Is WiF needed

Is WiF needed

Hi. I'd like to know, if I play songs from my cell phone that is "saved", not downloaded, will I be useing my internet minutes, or will I need WiFi? Or is that only when I play songs that were "downloaded" Thanks so much.
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The songs that you saved aren't downloaded by default.


The songs that you downloaded, you can play them without any internet connection. Otherwise, you'll need the internet to play the songs. If you are using a mobile network to connect (not Wifi), it will use the bandwidth and data consumption of your plan.

Thanks for your reply. I actually temporarily turned off my data & was
still able to play the songs that were "saved". So this really means that
even when I turn back on the data, when I play the "saved" songs, I will
not be using my data. Right? If I "downloaded" the songs ( instead of
saving them) & played them, then I would be using the data. Is that

This means that you are downloading all your saved songs. Once downloaded,
it will not use data to play them.

Of course, it is better to use WiFi to download your songs, because you
will not use your mobile plan of data.

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