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Issues on S7 Edge - Lock Screen/Bluetooth Functionality

Issues on S7 Edge - Lock Screen/Bluetooth Functionality

Just got a Galaxy S7 Edge and have been having issues controlling Spotify via the lock screen of controls via bluetooth devices (headphones and car). If I open Spotify from new, I have no problem using the controls on the lock screen or bluetooth controls, but if I don't use it for some time, and go back to it, the controls on the lock screen don't show up and I can't control spotify from my bluetooth devices. The music still plays, but I can only change a song by unlocking the phone and changing it manually in the app. The only fix to the problem is to completely restart Spotify, but the problem just repeats itself. Suggestions?

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Reading [PSA] Samsung users please read! and the relevant part of [COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues will probably get you on the right track as, with luck, it's just down to power saving and the android doze feature.



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