Issues with connection and always being offline

Issues with connection and always being offline


Plan - family premium

Country - UK



Samsung Note 10+ 5G

Operating System

Android version 9. 


My Question or Issue

spotify is always offline so I can never search or play new music. Getting very annoying now as I have to either reinstall app or delete all app data from my settings. I have healthy connection and is not an issue I can find in settings either on my phone or in app. My app version is and neither my phone or app are showing as requiring updates. 

don’t have issue on any other device. 


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Also have the problem of "no internet connection availble". Attempted all the potential fixes that Spotify has suggested. No joy. Internet working as can be seen through sending this message.
Offline is and has become a lot more noticeable over the past two months.


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


@jund24 - are you seeing any connection error messages in the app, or are you just unable to stream any music?


@Muzzt - could you let us know what you've tried so far, just so we know what we can suggest next?


Could both of you confirm that you've tried a different network connection and that it works?

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂


I also got the same problem. Sometimes there's nothing happening within minutes. I'm getting so frustrated about the Spotify app. I also reinstalled etc. But there is only a connection problem with Spotify. Nowhere else.

It had also been the same problem on the other mobile phones I had. Slowly I'm sick of the app. Got more than 3gb free space. And often it doesn't matter if the music is already downloaded or not. It takes minutes of restarting and waiting till it works (and then usually it works for the rest of the session) 


Hey @El_Hombre,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Do you mind trying with another account as a test to see if it works better now?


This is to determine whether there might be an issue with your account rather than the app on your mobile devices.


Thanks - keep us posted!


Good morning Peter,  

Spotify seems to be working correctly at the moment so it would be of no benefit attempting to login using a different account.  

Will monitor, although being intermittent and a having limited people with Spotify accounts this would be difficult.

Thanks for the response and advice.

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