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Spotify Is very slow

Spotify Is very slow







Samsung Galaxy A50

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Android Pie 


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This is my second complaint; The application takes too long to load a song even the "songs I like" takes about 10 minutes to load, and do not say when I'm going to find a song, playlist, album, artist. When he starts playing a song he doesn't let me display the list of options. Also for example when I look for a podcast it is impossible for me to listen to it because it does not play it, so that I can listen to a podcast I need at least have the application open for more than 20 minutes. IT IS A CRAZY. My Smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy A50. I have read many publications and I have done every method to solve it but they have not helped me at all.

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Hi @luistoxqui75 


Perhaps you would like to follow this link and perform a clean reinstall? I am personally using A50 on Android Pie as well. You might want to update your phone to get the latest Android too.

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