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Keeps disconnecting from chromecast AND they removed Running

Keeps disconnecting from chromecast AND they removed Running

SO my ecosystem has gone from iOS to Android.  I now have Google Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Chromecast and Google Wifi.  All of thes devices work so well together.  I listen to Spotify all the time and the fact that I can't get the daily playlists to play without continually disconnecting is insanely frustrating.


Secondly, I run at least 3 times a week.  I'm not running maniac and I don't run marathons but I run.  When I run, basically every time I run, I use the spotify Running feature.  I've told so many people about it and they use it.  This week I go for a run and I'm setting up my phone and hey.... Where the Running genre?  wth they removed it?!?!?!  What a great idea to remove one of your best features that helps you distinguis yourself from the rest of the music apps we all use.


PLEASE bring back the Running BPM feature and PLEASE fix the constant disconnection from streaming to chromcast.




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