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Keeps saying "song is not available"

Keeps saying "song is not available"

It will not let play any song and I just signed up for the premium package.
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I'm getting the same thing an the computer. I was listening to music and it just stopped mid song. Now I can't play anything, from my playlists or music that is allready on Spotify. But I can listen on my phone.

Hi both,

Is this still an issue or has it resolved itself?

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I think the issue is still persist, I can't play any songs on the desktop application, android phone and web player both ok.

Ok, I just solved my problem, it seems like something wrong with the application.

Due to my primary drive C: is an small capacity 120gb SSD, so I changed the cache location to my 2nd hard drive which is 1TB, and it causes I can't play any song..

I uninstall everything, delete all the data inside %appdata%\spotify. and reinstall again, leave everything as default. it's working now.

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