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Last day with Windows Phone ;)

Last day with Windows Phone ;)

motorola_razr_maxx.gifTomorrow I go to receive my Android phone to post office. Can you believe, I can then enjoy Spotify again on mobile... Can't wait! However the Windows Phone isn't bad, but this Spotify app here is piece of crap. You know what I mean. It's buggy, outdated and unusable.


But wait, when Spotify released a radio, I purchased right away this Motorola. I have already mobile internet 0.5M Unlimited, so I can enjoy Spotify's radio too in Extreme quality etc. I tested already this app in a old Android phone and app was so good. I do not know more about it.


In my opinion Android app was for me so good, so I can say goodbye to Windows Phone. And with Motorola's super battery I believe I can ejoy Spotify much more than on Windows Phone or on the average Android smartphone. I really can't wait my new phone...


I keep you informed how I will like this Android Spotify. Stay tuned!


Main features:


- 3300 mAh battery

- HSDPA internet

- Android 4.0

- Full HD video and 8MP pictures

- 4,3 SUPER AMOLED Advanced screen and double processor


And much more... I will enjoy it...

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Received this phone and I'm in love. Motorola sayd the 4.0 Android ipdate is coming in next weeks. 😉


Here's picture.




My new phone, Spotify and headphones. 🙂


I'm in love. Spotify is best! Extreme sound is so awesome and the look of the app! The smartphone is also good, the battery is huge. I listen today Spotify 2 hours, from Internet 3G, online without cache, checked settings in phone, screen on all the time and battery 100% -> 90%... And this is my first time, I see it maybe better when I charge at least five times. 😉 And then it would be a cool battery life for my Spotify purpose etc.


Good phone and Spotify! Goodbye Windows Phone!

You should have ICS if you are on Verizon. Is this an internationl (GSM) variant?

This is a International variant (HSDPA). ICS is coming in next weeks. 🙂


Thought so 🙂 I saw the black Motorola brand plate but though it could've been some light trickery. 


If you want to give it a cleaner feel check out
Not on there is Lux which controls the screen brightness much better than stock. I have the plain RAZR and I went from 4-ish to 6-ish hours. So I can only imagine how much it will help you 🙂


And in case yours is the same. Notification and Ringtone volume are unlinked if you turn it down on the rocker you still have to go into settings. Major oversight on their part.


And now we wait for Jelly Bean which is much smoother! (I have it on my Xoom).
Enjoy your RAZR!



This is good phone, I can listen Spotify a whole day without any problems. Super battery and super good app from Spotify.


Like it.

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