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Search feature doesnt work... :(

Search feature doesnt work... :(

I just upgraded my Droid (sams gal s2, Spotify premium) and now it seems that Google search has the power in Spotify also.

I am no longer able to use the search option either on tracks, artist not album. The search field looks like google with the Mic on right side, search field in the middle and a Spotify logo with a < on the logo's left side.

This sucks as I may not play other music than I allready have in my playlists...

Any bright heads out there with a solution?
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I have the same problem. I have tried to uninstall then reinstall but that hasn't fixed the search option. Need a solution or else there is no point to paying for my subscription.

Hey there,

Weird - Could you possibly provide a screenshot at all?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Sorry, Droid mobile...unless there is a way to screen shot?

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