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Last update does not work with Ford Sync with Applink

Last update does not work with Ford Sync with Applink

Spotify has been working all right with the Ford Sync with applink in my car (C-MAX, late 2014). However, with the last update of the Spotify app from Play Store, just a few days ago, it has stopped working, because it is not detected by the car. Even when manually searching for applink enabled applications, it can't be found. It' really a pity, because it had worked perfectly until now, and it is a really impressive feature which I would definitely like to use again.


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, with Android 4.3 and the latest version of the Spotify app ( I am a premium user from Spain.


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Same here, since last update Ford Fiesta will not detect the Spotify app.

Xperia Z with Kitkat. Premium user in UK.

Have either of you solved your issue?  I've a 2014 Fiesta which has been working perfectly for 9 months and then very recently just stopped detecting the app. I'm now playing through the BT Audio sync but you have to control that through the phone itself and you don't get any track info on the car screen. So annoying!

No fix yet, I think it's Spotify related as I recently updated the app.
Luckily for me my 2015 Fiesta shows track info and I can control using car
controls, I just can't turn on shuffle or change playlists without the
Spotify app sync.



We got our Fiesta in November 2014, my phone linked via AppLink but my wife's identical phone wouldn't, but hers did via the BT Audio link instead. Both showed the track listings. This has been so until the beginning of March when the radio began not finding Spotify no matter what I did, so I began linking via BT Audio too, but no listings displayed. My wife at that time started to be able to use Spotify via AppLink but also got no listings up. At the start of May, mine began link again via Spoitfy AppLink and gave full track listings, showed all my playlists and also allowed shuffle etc. I was well impressed. For 2 days. Now I'm back to BT Audio connections. So frustrating and nothing to do with new updates as I hadn't updated anything during this period. Sadly I'm just going to accept that the Ford AppLink is not quite what I expected 😞

@nicthemighty wrote:
No fix yet, I think it's Spotify related as I recently updated the app.
Luckily for me my 2015 Fiesta shows track info and I can control using car
controls, I just can't turn on shuffle or change playlists without the
Spotify app sync.

Did you ever resolve this issue, been having the same issue for the past 2 weeks and received no help off Ford or Spotify. So frustrating. I also have 2015 Fiesta.

Same here! Spotify worked very unreliable.. I had to "Search for new Apps" every time and sometimes I reached my destination before any Song was played.. But now, it no longer runs at all 😕

Our current situation is that my wife's phone connects via the AppLink to Spotify and shows track listings but doesn't allow shuffling or playlists to be displayed, she controls it via the phone if she wants to change playlists. My phone has connected once since I first posted to Spotify which came up with "Spotify powered by Ford" on my phone screen and allowed me to do absolutely everything you desired via the Spotify AppLink and "froze" all interactions directly with the phone, absolutely everything!!! Now it is back to not even detecting Spotify so have to connect via BT Audio. It has been like this for several months now however the most recent update (last week?) means that I now get track info up on the display! Twice however the display showed the first track only and once that finished and the next began, the display still showed the original track. Ironically at the same time, our 2010 Focus also began showing the correct track info on the display, this is the first time in the whole 5 years we've owned the car that my phone has displayed track info on the Focus, my wife's phone has always done it! I have found out that although we both have Samsung S3s that we got via carphone warehouse on the same day, hers is always one software update behind mine so never has the most recent OS. Strangely though, when I last updated my OS she also had notification to upgrade, she did, and she still is one behind me! I think there is something far more sinister in all of this but at least I get my tunes in the car, if not in the most desired way.

My overall opinion is that it is a great system if you have the right OS/phone it works great (I know someone with a 2015 model having the same issue with their i-Phone) however the continuing upgrading of OS and App means that the system isn't always compatible and never will be until they allow auto-upgrading via the Bluetooth connection and therefore phone internet connection in the UK. Apparently the US models all allow you to download the most recent software for the radio onto a USB stick and just plug it in to upgrade. Annoying.

I experienced the same issues on my Kuga (2013). To get it working, i had to search for Apps. Since the update, 13th of July it could not find Spotify anymore. 

Could you fix this please... 

Arrrrggggggghhhhhh!! Have you updated to the latest Spotify software yet? Since doing so, it kills the Bluetooth connection!!! I connect to the radio via Bluetooth and soon after get a message saying "Bluetooth Share Stopped" with an "OK" button to accept that. If I don't press "OK" then it will play but there is no further access to the phone possible. If I press "OK" then the whole Bluetooth connection drops out and restarts. It will reconnect after around 30 seconds, and my music will start playing as normal (but without any track info at all now) but within 5 minutes it will once again stop the Bluetooth connection and reset itself. At screaming point now..........

I've searched the community pages and found a link to re-install the previous version - and it works perfectly!! Every time it syncs with the radio, I get full track info and I can use the radio itself to find different playlists etc.  I've had a couple of emails from Spotify customer support saying they are aware of the new version issues and they are working on getting them fixed, look out for a new update in 2 to 3 weeks.......


I bought Ford B-Max in August 2015, spotify never worked with sync Ford continuously. Often it works 10 minutes ... sometimes a few minutes ... and sometimes can not find the application. very frustrating


I thought it was a problem with the Bluetooth ... but from what I read here is a widespread problem.


Does anyone have advice to give?


Android 4.2.2
Wiko rainbow

spotify ver.

I have a Ford Focus 2013 and just recently tried out the sync mobile apps for Spotify but it only allows me a small portion of my artists list. From my numbered artists to artists beginning with the letter B. I can access my playlists fine but cannot request a specific song. Is there anything I can do to my spotify account or with my ford focus that will allow me to access all of the artists/songs saved on my account.

The only advice I can give is to link up the radio without using the "Apps" connection.  On the Fiesta there is a "BT Audio" connection available via Bluetooth too.  It displays the current track name and allows you to jump to the next track, go back to previous track and pause track using the radio/steering stalk controls, but does not allow you access to change playlists over, this has to be done on the phone itself.

My phone will not connect to the Spotify App in any shape or form, however my wife's identical handset does, and on the latest app and handset software, gets full interaction via the radio too.  She isn't the main handset stored in the radio so why it works like this I don't know.  Before this happened, mine was connecting fine but wouldn't always give me access to my playlists.  During that time my wife couldn't connect to the Spotify App, so I'm guessing it only allows one device to connect to the App and refuses to let any other device use it regardless if the other handset is available or not.


Spotify did email me to say they are supporting the Ford SYNC app for all Android handsets and they did fix some issues we were having around 6 months ago, however it seems that when they fix one thing, something else then stops working.



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