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Latest version is terrible

Latest version is terrible

The latest Android version is terrible.
- lockscreen player is missing
- cant control music from notifications on my v10 (buttons for music functions on second screen doesn't work)
- no longer can control playback via bluetooth buttons on speaker

Its not my phone either, google music and pandora work fine. Spotify is excellent for music but the software development had been terrible on Android at least.
Also wish they'd explain what the update adds or fixes on Google Play so I can decide if its worth the risk of breaking other features.
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I have the same problem, for me it is temporarily fixed if I really quit (removing it from the recently played apps in memory list) and restart spotify with my bluetooth device enabled. However it seems after I get some sort of notification or have some other interaction with my phone (haven't been able to get to the exact reason yet) the problem resurfaces.


This is particularly annoying when riding my motorcycle and no longer being able to play pause and skip tracks from my Sena 10R headset anymore. I have to stop the motorcycle, get my phone out and restart spotify like described earlier.


I hope this can be fixed soon..




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