Library fills my android


Library fills my android

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My android device (Samsung galaxy s2) have synced my entire computer library and now I can't delete it. This means I cannot sync any other offline playlists, because the SD card is full. Clear cache does not help, nor reinstalling spotify. Its not possible to check/uncheck "library" when choosing what playlists I want to sync. I simply have no interest to listen to my local computer music files on my mobile device.


Anyone knows how to 1: clear the library files on my mobile device, 2: stop spotify from syncing them again?



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Generally removing the cache would remove any local files that Spotify has synced, but it sounds either - a) it's created two caches, one on your internal memory and one on the SD card, or b) the library was moved over by means other than Spotify.

In the first case, you might want to try the following -
1. Open Spotify in your device
2. Go to "More", "Settings" and select "Clear saved data"
3. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device: "Settings" » "Application" » "Manage applications" and then choose Spotify and press "Uninstall"
4. Remove these two folders from the SD card: (1) spotify2 (2) Android/data/
5. Install Spotify once again through the Android Market or by visiting in your device's web browser

By doing this, the entire library should be removed, and allow you to start afresh. Then, when you start using the application again, you might need to set your device up to get the Spotify Cache to save directly to the SD card.

1. Open Spotify in your mobile
2. Go to “More”, “Settings” and select “Clear saved data”
3. Press More and then Log Out
4. While at the login screen, press the hardware Menu key and select SD Location
5. Enter the path to a folder on the SD card
6. Finding the exact path to your SD card can be done with a file manager, and can differ between phones.
On the Samsung Galaxy S, for example, you should use: /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

Spotify will then store tracks in this folder:/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/Android/Data/

In order to stop Spotify syncing your entire library, when connecting to Spotify on both your computer and Android phone the name of your phone will appear on the desktop version of Spotify. At the top, there are two boxes - Manually select which playlists to sync, or Sync all playlists. It sounds like "Sync All Playlists" might be selected, so click on the other one. You'll then be able to select which playlists you wish to sync.
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Did as told including removing Android/data/, but i cannot find the other folder refered to as spotify2. Used searchfunction in my filemanager, but no. And the problem is still there after reinstall, some 1500 songs from my library is still hiding somewhere on my device, fully playable in spotify.


Also connected the phone from the desktop version. However, "manually choose playlists to sync" was chosen.

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And these are all local files, rather than tracks being streamed? Worrying. It sounds like they probably were transferred over outside of Spotify. Can you manually browse to a location on the SD card where these tracks are being played from?
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Realised the problem is not within Spotify. Sorry for the inconvenience.




I've had almost exactly the same problem you describe, which began as soon as I upgraded to Spotify premium, and did my first sync. 




did the trick.






I found tons of GB in caching folder Android/data/

(files are Android/data/[00-FF/*.file]

Deleted them, tablet works fine again and I did not loose user settings of Spotify. There should be a regular cleanup routine implemented in Spotify App working in the background to get rid of this junk.