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Library view with local files synced to Android

Library view with local files synced to Android



I have a lot of local files that I would like to play on Spotify on Android. I saw that there was a possibility to add local files to a playlist from your computer and then sync that playlist offline to your phone. I tried that and that worked fine and all the songs got transferred and showed up on my Android phone.


Although since I've got a big library I would like to, for example, put all of my local music in one playlist so I firstly can get it transferred to my Android, and then browse all my local files through the "My Music -> Album" view. In other words, in the same way as you normally add albums to "My Music" you can browse both album, artist or song through the library view. Is there any way to do this with local files that you sync from your computer? It's not an option to put all of my local files on a single playlist and then play all of my music from that one. I'm looking for a album/artist library view. 



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Anybody know anything about this? It seems like Spotify want to make it hard for people who wan't to play local files. 

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