Like/dislike buttons not behaving as expected


Like/dislike buttons not behaving as expected

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Moto G6

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Oreo 8.1


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This issue is partially discussed elsewhere but doesn't have a solution, so I'm opening it up here again and adding some related problems.


The like button is useful in that it sometimes generates relevant suggestions in my weekly/daily mixes, but it often just adds tracks by the same artist that are very different from the style of the one I liked. Yes, it's supposed to be introducing new songs, but it seems crude and haphazard at best. Better than half of my suggested songs the next week are skipped within a few seconds or disliked altogether. That doesn't make it feel like the like button does anything useful.


The dislike button seems to be an elevator button or placebo at best. There are a few songs that I've disliked that keep showing up in my Discover Weekly mix or Release Radar playlist despite being disliked every time they appear.


The UI sometimes doesn't respond from the drop down interface, specifically the dislike button. Say I've got Waze open for nav and a song I don't like comes on. Swipe down, press the (/). Sometimes it responds immediately and goes to the next track. Sometimes it responds right away but goes to the next track a few seconds later. Sometimes it doesn't respond at all and I press it a second (or third or fourth) time. It then goes on to the next track and dislikes that before I've even had a chance to listen to it. It's possibly specific to my device's performance capabilities and/or the CPU utilization at that moment, but a "debounce" would be useful in the event the UI stalls/hangs for a few seconds.


The location is less than ideal. Putting it next to the skip button means that I'm more likely to accidentally dislike when skipping a track. I suppose that it's better than accidentally liking a song I want to skip. It's been addressed elsewhere so I assume this is just a "you can't please everyone" issue and I'm a fringe case.


It also doesn't seem to care about when I press the dislike button. Say I'm listening to some EDM and a heavy drop happens, but it's full of high pitched screeching noises. I hit dislike immediately. Not only does the song play automatically the next time I queue up the list, the next week even more songs with the same sounds show up! Even if the exact sounds can't be cataloged, the timestamp of the event should be relevant to future suggestions. Yes, it's complicated, but isn't this a commercial product with paid developers?

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Re: Like/dislike buttons not behaving as expected

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Hey @Unclegrunkle thanks for reaching out to the community,


At the moment I do not think there is a solution but, this sounds like a good idea. I’d suggest starting a new thread in the Community Ideas Exchange.

This’ll allow users, Stars, and Moderators to vote and comment on it.



Jack 🙂