Liked from radio not working

Liked from radio not working

Short version: The liked from radio playlist used to work up until I deleted it. Then even after recovering the playlist, I still don't get any liked songs in that playlist.

Long version: I wanted to save the liked from radio playlist as its own playlist and then start fresh so I just renamed it. Unfortunately, spotify continued to add songs to that playlist even after it was renamed. Frustrating but OK, I created a new playlist and I moved (oops no feature like that... I mean add and then removed) all songs from the old play list to the new. So far so good... Then I deleted the old playlist (renamed "liked from radio" list) thinking spotify will be smart enough to realize that it doesn't have a playlist where to store liked songs and will create a new one ... Well expected too much of it so it didn't work. No biggie... It should work after I recover my old "liked from radio" list, right? So I go and recover the list and then I renamed it appropriately (since I renamed it at the start of this "adventure") to "Liked From Radio", but no new songs are added to this list anymore when liked from radio is clicked. I then updated spotify hoping something as trivial as this was fixed, but I still have the same problem.

Anyway I can fix this?
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Joe seem to have tinkered yourself into a corner. All I can think is to try reinstalling spotify, following the steps here. Shout if that doesn't fix this.

Thanks. I reinstalled spotify and saw the liked from radio list updated with the songs I liked while I thought spotify did not add songs to the list. However, it seems the problem is actually that spotify doesn't refresh this list. I just added a few new songs and they don't appear in Android's list. But if I look at the desktop app, I see new songs in the playlist. Same with iPad app. Only the android app doesn't refresh the songs in liked from radio playlist. Seems like an Android bug. Where do I report bugs?


It's not a bug as such since it doesn't affect everyone but you can contact Spotify direct for technical support. 

Use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it by email and you will hear back from one of the team shortly.

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